Ferskil tusken ferzjes fan "Meidogger oerlis:Bouwe Brouwer"

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[[Meidogger:Snakesteuben|Winter S.]] 6 apr 2008, 13.00 (CEST) (Snakesteuben)
P.S. Would you be willing to take a quick look at 1) my template [http://fy.wiktionary.org/wiki/Berjocht:Fy-conj here] and 2) the example on the [http://fy.wiktionary.org/wiki/Berjocht_oerlis:Fy-conj talk page] and tell me how badly I missed on the grammar terms and the sample conjugation? Thanks, either way. [[Meidogger:Snakesteuben|Winter S.]] 6 apr 2008, 13.12 (CEST)