Ferskil tusken ferzjes fan "Meidogger oerlis:Aliter"

Apparently the fy wiktionary has had no real sysop/behearder for a year now. I have put out a general distress call [[wikt:Wikiwurdboek:Buorren#Behearders|here]]. Is there any chance you might be able and willing to help out a bit? Groet út Noard-Amearika; ik winskje dy in moaie dei. :-) Winter <small>([[Meidogger:Snakesteuben|Snakesteuben]] 22 apr 2008, 15.27 (UTC))</small>
== 1. Thanks for all your help on wikt. 2. There's a bit more over there on plants and animals. ==
(This is just a dup of what's on [[wikt:Meidogger_oerlis:Aliter|wikt]] since this is your usual home.)
Hi, Aliter,
1. Please take a look at what I wrote to you and Sonne on the plants and animals question [[wikt:Meidogger_oerlis:Snakesteuben#Animals_and_plants|here]].
Thanks so very much for your help on all fronts. And I love your bilingual answers. Great way to help me learn. :-)
Winter <small>(Username:[[Meidogger:Snakesteuben|Snakesteuben]] 10 mai 2008, 06.34 (CEST))</small>