Ferskil tusken ferzjes fan "Meidogger oerlis:Aliter"

Sincerely --[[Meidogger:Gdgourou|Gdgourou]] 15 okt 2008, 09.55 (CEST)
:My main reason is only to improve interwikis links. --[[Meidogger:Gdgourou|Gdgourou]] 15 okt 2008, 21.09 (CEST)
:Ps, please respond me on my discussion page instedinstead of my bot's discussion page.
::My response at your question is just above. I could add that from what I know, global bot aren't approed here so i request the local bot flag. If I made a mistake, please inform me and don't take care of my request. Regards --[[Meidogger:Gdgourou|Gdgourou]] 15 okt 2008, 23.14 (CEST)