Ferskil tusken ferzjes fan "Meidogger oerlis:Aliter"

::My response at your question is just above. I could add that from what I know, global bot aren't approed here so i request the local bot flag. If I made a mistake, please inform me and don't take care of my request. Regards --[[Meidogger:Gdgourou|Gdgourou]] 15 okt 2008, 23.14 (CEST)
:::OK, the fact that I update, via my bot, the bot user's page is only informative. Don't search anything else. It's not so important but could help someone who see the bot in action to know that it's a general interwiki active on most wikis including the current. It also help me and bureaucrat to know if the status is granted, global or not. Is there so CAPITAL here that the information on bot's user page is ''neither Frisian language information, nor Frisian Wikipedia information'' ? My personnal page doesn't also have no ''Frisian language information, nor Frisian Wikipedia information'', should I leave ? I'm a bit dissappointed with your question. Anyone had requested to me such things or reported to me a problem with that ... And I doesn't know that Frisians were so "welcoming". Sincerely --[[Meidogger:Gdgourou|Gdgourou]] 16 okt 2008, 10.15 (CEST)
::::Ok I understood. But it will a bit diffucult to only "not update" the Frisian page... via my actual script. But I hope that it will be very occassionnaly updated and in few months "unneeded"... for the simple reason that my bot would been granted everywhere (i pray for that ;-) ). Your proposition to put it on an unique page is interesting but actually I should provoque a reaction to have the flag been granted... sorry for the disturbance. Also my bot doesn't have a bot status on meta.--[[Meidogger:Gdgourou|Gdgourou]] 18 okt 2008, 20.40 (CEST)