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Yes, but why Mesa Verde?
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Mysha (oerlis | bydragen)
Yes, but why Mesa Verde?
Rigel 1:
Would you happen to know where the name [[Mesa Verde Middenskoalle]] came from? [[Meidogger:Mysha|Mysha]]<br/>
: Well, it was actually a direct translation of the actual name of the school. '''[[User:Pzoxicuvybtnrm|<font color="HHII9900">Pzoxicuvybtnrm</font>]]'''
:: Thank you; I did gather as much. But why is it called "Mesa Verde"? It would be nice if we could mention that on the page. After all, it's not like the page is too long at the moment. Anything about its history, or about its current situation, would probably be welcome. [[Meidogger:Mysha|Mysha]]