Ferskil tusken ferzjes fan "Oerlis:Fryske Ryk"

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==Utwreiding fan it Fryske Ryk==
[[Ofbyld:Keninkryk_FrisiaFrisian kingdom.gif|thumb|correct or not?]]
Sorry for my poor Frisian and my undiscussed work. I removed the map shown on the right side from the article, cause I think, it's not correct. [[Meidogger:Kening Aldgilles|Kening Aldgilles]] set it back and friendly [[Meidogger_oerlis:Matthias_Süßen|asked me]] to discuss it here. The same User, who created the map, tried to place it in the german Wikipedia and in others. I removed it, cause this map doesn't show the facts. It shows the wishfulness of a great Frisian Empire, which never existed in this way. For example: When King [[Redbad]] went 716 to [[Keulen]] this became never part of his empire. What do you think? [[Meidogger:Matthias Süßen|Matthias Süßen]] 12 sep 2009, 15.48 (CEST)