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Mysha (oerlis | bydragen)
I'd say that wikipedia's are ultimately general.
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Rigel 4:
:::Actually, I think it should be a candidate for speedy deletion because of its unimportance to the native speakers of Frisian. I just felt like doing this because I wrote the English version. '''[[User:Pzoxicuvybtnrm|<font color="HHII9900">Pzoxicuvybtnrm</font>]]''' 21 feb 2010, 04.26 (CET)
:::: As I understand it, all the wikipedias are intended as general encyclopaedias; it's just that they tend to treat first those topics that they encounter where the language is spoken most. So, your article isn't out of place; it's just a topic we would not have arrived at any time soon. [[Meidogger:Mysha|Mysha]]
:::::Okay. Thanks for doing the English translation for me. '''[[User:Pzoxicuvybtnrm|<font color="HHII9900">Pzoxicuvybtnrm</font>]]''' 7 mrt 2010, 23.05 (CET)