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ik haw no offisjeel ien wurdboek 'Fries-Nederlands'. Is it aardich of net? Ik heapje dat myn Frysk is no net hieledal ferkeard. Groetnis --[[Meidogger:Hardcore-Mike|Hardcore-Mike]] 22 jun 2010, 14.45 (CEST)
== Hallo, good ~morning! ==
Sorry to bother you, I apologize sincerely I don't speak your language so I hope you'll forgive me for using English. My name is Claudi Balaguer (User Capsot from the Catalan and Occitan Wikipedias) and I'm currently working on a campaign to help our association "Amical de la Viquipèdia" in order to be accepted as a Chapter (an intermediate superstructure between the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikipedias), demand which hasn't been accepted until now because Catalan is not a state language. I think you understand very well what it is to speak a minorized language , to strive to protect and preserve it and I hope you will think our cause is just since it might open the door to all the minorized or stateless languages which can't currently apply for a Chapter even though they might be organized and working hard! In order to support us, you can paste the following template [[Berjocht:Wikimedia CAT|Wikimedia CAT]] in your userpage and/or sign the link of the template. Thanks again for your attention, I wish you a pleasant, sunny and warm summertime, take care, [[Meidogger:Capsot|Capsot]] 27 jun 2010, 12.06 (CEST)