Ferskil tusken ferzjes fan "Meidogger oerlis:Drewes"

: Hallo again,
Sorry to impose you my English once more and to bother again but I'm afraid you might have not paid attention to my message but if I should prove wrong and you're not interested in translating it just let me know, I could ask another person, thanks, have a nice day and week, [[Meidogger:Capsot|Capsot]] 15 jun 2010, 10.16 (CEST)
:: Sorry to bother again, I just wanted to thank you for your support, if you ever need something from me just let me know I'll be glad to help you the best I can, take care! I wish all the best to you, Frysk and Frysland! [[Meidogger:Capsot|Capsot]] 2 jul 2010, 22.21 (CEST)
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