Planeet: ferskil tusken ferzjes

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Bewurkings fan "" (oerlis) werom set ta de ferzje fan "Yn 'e Wâlden".
L (Bewurkings fan "" (oerlis) werom set ta de ferzje fan "Yn 'e Wâlden".)
In '''planeet''' is in [[himellichem]] dat yn in frije baan om in [[Stjer (himellichem)|stjer]] hinne draait.
== Definysje ==
Neffens de kriteariums fan de [[Ynternasjonale Astronomyske Uny]] is in planeet in himellichem dat in gong om in stjer hat mei in frije baan, en dat safolle [[swiertekrêft]] hat dat it dêrtroch rûn wurden is. It wurd komt fan it [[Latyn]]ske "planeta" dat wer kaam fan it [[Aldgryksk]]e wurd foar "swalker".
== Sinnestelsel ==
De 8 planeten yn ús [[sinnestelsel]] binne it [[Merkurius (planeet)|Merkurius]], [[Fenus]], de [[Ierde]], [[Mars]], [[Jupiter]], [[Saturnus]], [[Uranus]] en [[Neptunus]]. Earder waard ek [[Pluto]] as in planeet beskôge, mar dy falt no ûnder de definysje fan [[dwerchplaneet]], om't er net in frije baan hat mar krekt part is fan de [[Kuipergurl]].
== OraleOare planeten ==
Okay so that sounds so much weirder now that I type it out. I love my SO dearly and he has a RIDICULOUS butt. I only noticed recently while he was getting changed and goddamn its the nicest butt I've ever seen. Never really had a thing for butts until that moment, but since then I just really want to touch it and squeeze it and play with it, which I do, but I think he's pretty indifferent to it. I was kind of drunk the other night and told him how I felt about his derriere and he wasn't exactly awkward about it (he's hardly awkward) but I felt like he thought it was kind of odd. We've done butt stuff before (rimming on both, anal fingering, he's fucked me in the ass) but literally all I can think about before I orgasm is his butt in my face or me fucking him in the ass with a strap on. I close my eyes during normal PIV sex and imagine those things and its literally the only thing that can bring me over the edge (either that, or imagining him fuck somebody else…that's another story completely.)
I don't know if I'd really want to fuck him in the ass in real life, I highly doubt he'd be down for that, but I cannot stop thinking about these things, and I feel sort of bad. When we have sex, he just looks at me the whole time and its awesome, but I close my eyes and imagine…his ass. Not his face, his ass. The two look nothing alike, surprisingly. Its a pity because he's incredibly sexy in every way imaginable, but his butt takes the cake.
I've never admitted this to anybody. Do I tell him? He'll probably freak out a little bit. I'm not sure if he'll take it as a compliment. He's pretty sexually adventurous but I think in some respects he believes in some degree of "gender roles" (sounds dumb, I know) in the bedroom. He's really, really hetero and I know that me doing stuff to his butt won't challenge that at all, but I think he thinks it might.
I can talk to him about EVERYTHING except this. I JUST WANT HIS BUTT IN MY FACE ALL THE TIME…God it feels good typing that out.
== Orale planeten ==
Fan guon oare stjerren kin waarnaam wurde dat dy ek planeten hawwe. Teleskopen binne net sa gefoelich dat dy by steat binne om in foarm sjen te litten, mar út ljochtôfwikings fan de stjerren binne de planeten ôf te lieden.
Oftentimes, on this thread, I see issues that can only really be solved by partner communication. Trouble is, for some people, it can be really awkward to talk needs with someone until you've established some level of engaging in sexual play. It's kind of a vicious cycle, but I have a method of communicating needs or desires with your partner that has proved quite effective for me, and I want to share it with all of you / receive some input from others who might use the same technique.
It's pretty simple. Start out, "I had a dream about you the other day..." Be a little sexy about it, and wait for them to prod you. Explain that it was a dirty dream, and if they seem interested, start describing a circumstance in which you are engaged in your ideal sexual play. "I had a dream about you the other was kind of dirty!...Well we were...[Insert something you're interested in trying with your partner here]" If your partner seems into the dream, keep describing. Let it roll evenly into dirty talk and see where it takes you. Do not assume that just because you said it you can act on it; you'll often receive cues (either non-verbal or direct) from your partner that indicates they would be interested in "reenacting this dirty dream" with you if they are indeed interested.
For me, this fixes two problems with the "what I want in bed" talk. First, it makes it a little bit more comfortable for you to divulge things because...hey, it's just a dream, right? You don't have to fear the rejection because everyone understands that you're not completely in control of that level of consciousness. Second, it makes the talk a bit less accusatory for a more sensitive partner. It's not "I need this thing you haven't been doing," it's more, "here's an idea if you haven't thought of it already!"
While I want to affirm that nothing beats communication, and I agree that two partners engaging in sex should ideally be comfortable engaging in discussions about needs, wants, preparations, birth control, and all that jazz, I'm just a realist. Sometimes it isn't that easy, and this (while not a perfect substitute), might get the ball rolling and pave the way for more direct communication of needs from both partners in the future.