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→‎Reverting of delete tags: followup elsewhere
(→‎Reverting of delete tags: followup elsewhere)
::: That's why I removed the deletion to indicate there was no visible reason at all to delete them. I don't kow what the hallmarks are: Did this contributor always extend the year pages ranges? (Had you entered them on the page for deletions, I would have discussed it there, but the result would probably have been the same.)<br>Indeed someone deleted all these pages without asking us, which I don't like at all. Especially, not even asking us has in this case lost us our 40000th page. What am I, as press contact, going to tell a journalist: "Yes, we used to have that many pages, but someone didn't care about them."? Then the journalist would report "Wikipedia suffers from vandalism", meaning the steward, and I'm not sure that call would be wrong in this case. [[Meidogger:Mysha|Mysha]] ([[Meidogger oerlis:Mysha|oerlis]])
{{Ping|Dcljr}} Keeping this discussion in English, I would like to add that I, as an administrator of the Frisian Wikipedia, am also not at all happy with the way this thing was handled. Like I told Holder (see: [[Meidogger_oerlis:Holder#Mass deletion]]), I invested about an hour and a half to connect all those pages to the appropriate Wikidata items, and all that work was deleted along with those year pages. In the future please delete or mark for deletion only those pages that have a vandalism content, and consult with the administrators of this Wiki concerning pages created by any known longtime cross-wiki vandal, which have a content that is actually pretty reasonable. Alright? [[Meidogger:Ieneach fan &#39;e Esk|Ieneach fan &#39;e Esk]] ([[Meidogger oerlis:Ieneach fan &#39;e Esk|oerlis]]) 13 apr 2018, 22.12 (CEST)
: Replied at [[Meidogger oerlis:Holder#Mass deletion]], since Mysha doesn't necessarily want to see this continue to play out on this talk page. [grin] - [[Meidogger:Dcljr|dcljr]] ([[Meidogger oerlis:Dcljr|oerlis]]) 13 apr 2018, 23.19 (CEST)
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