Increase Mather

Increase Mather (Dorchester yn Massachusetts, 21 juny 1639 - 23 augustus 1723) wie in wichtich persoan yn de iere skiednis fan de Massachusetts Baai Koloanje en de Provinsje fan de Massachusetts Baai. Hy wie in Puriteinsk predikant, dy't yn it regear fan de koloanje, it bestjoer fan it Harvard Kolleezje siet. Hy wie de soan fan Richard Mather en de heit fan Cotton Mather, alle twa Puriteinske predikanten mei in protte ynfloed.

Increase Mather. Portret fan John van der Spriett


Jonge jierrenBewurkje

Mather wie in soan fan dûmny Richard Mather en Kathrine Holt Mather, dy't fanwegen harren ûnôfhinklik stânpunt tsjinoer de Tsjerke fan Ingelân mei de saneamde Grutte Migraasje fan Ingelân nei Amearika gien wiene. Hy wie de jongste fan seis bruorren: Samuel, Nathaniel, Eleazar, Joseph, en Timothy.

Trije fan syn bruorren (Samuel, Nathaniel en Eleazar) waarden ek predikant.


Kar út goed 125 publikaasjes:

  • The Mystery of Israel's Salvation (1669)
  • The Life and Death of That Reverend Man of God, Mr. Richard Mather (1670)
  • Wo to Drunkards: Two sermons Testifying against the Sin of Drunkenness (1673)
  • The Day of Trouble Is Near (1674)
  • A Discourse concerning the Subject of Baptisme (1675)
  • The Wicked Mans Portion (1675)
  • A Brief History of the Warr With the Indians in New-England (1676) Online tekst
  • An Earnest Exhortation To the Inhabitants of New-England (1676) Online tekst
  • A Relation of the Troubles which Have Hapned in New-England by Reason of the Indians There from the Year 1614 to the Year 1675 (1677)
  • A Discourse concerning the Danger of Apostasy (1679)
  • The Divine Right of Infant-Baptisme Asserted and Proved from Scripture and Antiquity (1680)
  • A Confession of Faith Owned and Consented unto by the Elders and Messengers of the Churches Assembled at Boston (1680)
  • Heavens Alarm to the World (1681)
  • Diatriba de signo Filii Hominis, et de secundo Messiæadventu; ubi de modo futuræ judæorum conversionis; nec non de signis novissimi diei, disseritur (1682)
  • Kometographia, or, A Discourse concerning Comets (1683)
  • An Essay for the Recording of Illustrious Providences (1684)
  • An Arrow against Profane and Promiscuous Dancing Drawn out of the Quiver of Scriptures (1684)
  • The Mystery of Christ Opened and Applyed in Several Sermons concerning the Person, Office, and Glory of Jesus Christ (1686)
  • De successu evangelij apud Indos in Novâ-Angliâ epistola (1688)
  • A Narrative of the Miseries of New-England, by Reason of an Arbitrary Government Erected There under Sir Edmond Andross (1688)
  • Cases of Conscience Concerning Evil Spirits (1693) Online tekst
  • A Further Account of the Tryals of the New-England Witches (1693) Online tekst
  • Angelographia, or, A Discourse concerning the Nature and Power of the Holy Angels (1696)
  • The Order of the Gospel, Professed and Practised by the Churches of Christ in New-England (1700)
  • The Blessed Hope, and the Glorious Appearing of the Great God our Saviour, Jesus Christ (1701)
  • Ichabod: or, The Glory Departing (1702)
  • Soul-saving Gospel Truths (1703)
  • A Discourse concerning Earthquakes (1706)
  • A Dissertation concerning the Future Conversion of the Jewish Nation (1709)
  • Meditations on the Glory of the Heavenly World (1711)
  • A Disquisition concerning Ecclesiastical Councils (1716)