Ferskil tusken ferzjes fan "Meidogger:Snakesteuben/Fryske staveringshifker"

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| Der is gjin Frysk wurdboek foar Firefox. Hjir is hoe't OpenOffice 2.3+ Fryske staveringshifker (yn Windows) foar Firefox ynstallearjenynstallearre wurde kin.
| Mozilla.org doesn't offer a West Frisian spell checker dictionary. Here's how I installed my dictionary from OpenOffice 2.3/2.4 (for Windows) to work with Firefox.
| <font color=red>Step 1</font>. As dy net al beskikber is, moetmoat it woordenlijstenwurdenlisten yn OpenOffice ynstallearjenynstallearre wurdtwurde. Fan de side fan de wurdboekauteur: http://home.wxs.nl/~eeltjevr/Frysk/hifker.html
| <font color=red>Step 1</font>. If you haven't already, obviously you need to install the OpenOffice Frysk dictionary. It's dodgy. The automated installer won't find it, even if you use offline install and put it in the right place. I did it before I found the author's instructions linked in the other column. I'll attempt to translate his instructions, which mind you, I've never used myself. Then I'll briefly explain how I did it manually. See supplement at the end.
|- <font color=red>Step 2</font>. Kopiearje de bestannen nei krekte