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I'd say that wikipedia's are ultimately general.
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(I'd say that wikipedia's are ultimately general.)
:: Thank you; I did gather as much. But why is it called "Mesa Verde"? It would be nice if we could mention that on the page. After all, it's not like the page is too long at the moment. Anything about its history, or about its current situation, would probably be welcome. [[Meidogger:Mysha|Mysha]]
:::Actually, I think it should be a candidate for speedy deletion because of its unimportance to the native speakers of Frisian. I just felt like doing this because I wrote the English version. '''[[User:Pzoxicuvybtnrm|<font color="HHII9900">Pzoxicuvybtnrm</font>]]''' 21 feb 2010, 04.26 (CET)
:::: As I understand it, all the wikipedias are intended as general encyclopaedias; it's just that they tend to treat first those topics that they encounter where the language is spoken most. So, your article isn't out of place; it's just a topic we would not have arrived at any time soon. [[Meidogger:Mysha|Mysha]]