William Spurstowe

William Spurstowe (Spurstow)16051666) wie in Ingelske geastlike, teolooch en lid fan de Synoade fan Westminster.


  • Englands Patterne and Duty in Its Monthly Fasts (1643)
  • Englands eminent judgments, caus'd by the abuse of Gods eminent mercies (1644)
  • The Magistrate's Dignity and Duty (1653)
  • The Wells of Salvation Opened (1655)
  • Death and the Grave No Bar to Believers Happinesse (1656)
  • A Crown of Life, the Reward of Faithfulnesse (1662)
  • The Spiritual Chymist (1666)
  • Satana Nohmata: or, The Wiles of Satan (1666), online ekstrakt