Will you also be availalble to pass on the loss of Frisian environment, like some of your colleagues do for other Wikipediae? Currently that's:

  • "Community portal" where the setting of MediaWiki:Portal should be used.
  • "Koarts feroare" where the setting of MediaWiki:Recentchanges should be used.
  • "apr 1, 2006", where it should be "1 apr 2006"

Aliter 23.36, mar 31, 2006 (UTC)

I have seen the same texts as Aliter this morning, but after I logged in it was OK again. I have had the same experience a few months ago, then these two texts where also wrong. I have looked for ("Koarts feroare") which was an older version of the Frisian translation but could not find it in the list of messages to translate. Where these texts are generated I have no idea but it seems to happen now and then.Theun 10.12, apr 1, 2006 (UTC)
It has happened to me on no: a few times as well. It usually is back to normal within a few hours. (The longest time I had this problem was a day.) As long as the MediaWiki messages are all all right, there's nothing to worry about. =) Jon Harald Søby 10.46, apr 1, 2006 (UTC)

I too forced a refresh, again, and now everything is OK, except for the date. Fast work. <smiles>
(Theun:) "Koarts feroare" is in the language file. It was later decided to change it to "Koartlyn feroare". I would like to do an update of the language file itself, one day, but we can't just take our current messages, as some are Wikipedia-specific. The date setting, BTW, was also in that file, originally. Aliter 20.53, apr 1, 2006 (UTC)

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