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→‎Botflag for EmausBot: renew of the request
(→‎Botflag for EmausBot: renew of the request)
Hello! I made a [[Wikipedy:Oerlisside#Botflag_request_for_EmausBot|request for a bot flag]] for my bot and now there is no objections. So could you set that flag? --[[Meidogger:Emaus|Emaus]] 7 sep 2010, 22.52 (CEST)
* Hello again! I renew my request for a bot flag. It is necessary for global interwiki maintance (for example, for resolving of interwiki conflicts). Via instruction of Aliter [http://fy.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Meidogger_oerlis%3AAliter&action=historysubmit&diff=374310&oldid=328720 I stopped] editing of my bot and sometimes it prevents the normal work with interwikis. --[[Meidogger:Emaus|Emaus]] 3 des 2011, 12.26 (CET)
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