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Fedde SchurerBewurkje

Ik haw Rei Momo frege in Italjaansk artikel oan te meitsjen oer Fedde Schurer. Benijd wat derfan komt. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 24 apr 2015, 14.42 (CEST) Tsjek.Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

At it goed beteard moatte wy dizze man yn eare hâlde. Drewes (oerlis) 24 apr 2015, 17.36 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
Thank you so much! Drewes (oerlis) 24 apr 2015, 18.35 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
Well, thanks again, Rei Momo. We very much appreciate what your help and support. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 24 apr 2015, 18.49 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
Rei Momo, you're on a roll, man! Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 24 apr 2015, 19.30 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
You're full of surprises, Rei Momo. And a good night to you, too. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 24 apr 2015, 23.48 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
A very nice start of the day, Rei Momo. I didn't know you spoke Azerbaijani. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 25 apr 2015, 11.47 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
Well, I have to say, Rei Momo, I admire your dedication. And grazie mille would translate into Frisian as tige tank (tank being "thanks", and tige meaning "very much"). Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 25 apr 2015, 17.01 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

You're astounding! Drewes (oerlis) 25 apr 2015, 23.00 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

I love the Welsh page, Rei Momo. Myself, I've just completed work on the English page, with inline citations and so on (personally, I could have lived without those, but on the English Wikipedia they're very particular when it comes to such things). Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 25 apr 2015, 23.10 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

I've found a photo of Schurer (just a little one) which is available under CC-BY-SA license 3.0. I've uploaded it to Commons, too, ( but as I didn't know who took the photograph of when it was taken, I'm not sure if they will keep it or kick it out. They're very picky about copyright issues on Commons. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 25 apr 2015, 23.56 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Yes, Rei Momo, that was precisely what I meant: let's wait & see for a few days what the people at Commons do with the photo before adding it to all the Fedde Schurer articles. It would just be a waste of time and effort if they decide to throw it out. Well, I'm signing off for today. Good night! Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 26 apr 2015, 00.26 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
Damn, Rei Momo, I was offline for a couple of days, and meanwhile you have just kept on going! Thanks so much, man. I love it! Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 29 apr 2015, 14.37 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Thanks! Drewes (oerlis) 30 apr 2015, 00.32 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

The last surprise!!!Bewurkje

Dear Rei Momo. Thanks, thanks en tige tank! I'm looking forward to our next meeting. Drewes (oerlis) 1 maaie 2015, 16.29 (CEST)

Thanks again, Rei Momo, for all your hard work on Fedde Schurer, and on Watse Cuperus, too! Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 4 maaie 2015, 15.48 (CEST)

Benedicta BoccoliBewurkje

Didn't look half bad, Rei Momo. "Director" is regisseur in Frisian (and also in Dutch), "reg." for short. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 5 maaie 2015, 12.27 (CEST)

Brigitta BoccoliBewurkje

Dear Rei Momo. Had a look at the Brigitta Boccoli page. I made some changes based on the text of the corresponding page on the English Wikipedia. Lazio doesn't really have an adjective in Frisian (I suppose it would have to become something like Laatsysk), but that doesn't matter in this case, because the Boccoli family is from Milan (according to the English Wikipedia they moved to Rome just before Brigitta was born), so they're really Lombardian. Kind regards, Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 24 jun 2015, 12.06 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Benedicta BoccoliBewurkje

Done. Sorry I didn't do it sooner; had some other things to take care of for a while. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 19 okt 2015, 18.08 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]


Hi Rei Momo. Sorry to hear that your father passed away. My condolences. Drewes (oerlis) 22 okt 2015, 17.52 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Hello, Rei Momo. I'm truly sorry to hear about your father. Please accept my sympathies. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 27 okt 2015, 13.57 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Antonio NapolioniBewurkje

Done. Here it is not so cold yet, we haven't even had any real frost yet. Over here we always hope for a cold winter, so the lakes and waterways will freeze shut and there will by ice-skating. But the last 30 years that rarely happens. Have a nice day, Rei Momo! Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 25 nov 2015, 17.18 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Drewes (oerlis) 24 des 2015, 21.21 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

And from me as well, Rei Momo. Happy Holidays! Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 25 des 2015, 17.35 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]


Drewes ha già fatto la maggior parte della traduzione. Io ha traduco "Teatro Grassi", che era in inglese ogni caso, anche mi normalmente se ha sarebbe lasciato esso in italiano come il resto delle citazione. Mysha (oerlis)

Drewes hie it meastepart fan de oersetting al dien. Ik haw "Teatro Grassi" al oerset, om't it dochs al yn it Ingelsk wie, mar ik soe it oars yn it Italjaansk litten hawwe krekt as it oare part fan dat sitaat. (Hjirboppe yn min Italjaansk.) Mysha (oerlis)

Maurizio MalvestitiBewurkje

Right back at you, Rei Momo, have a nice weekend. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 28 maa 2016, 15.56 (CEST)

Bashar WardaBewurkje

Your'e always welcome. Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite. Drewes (oerlis) 31 maa 2016, 22.45 (CEST)

Happy New YearBewurkje

Happy new year to you, too, man. Or, like we say in Frisian: Folle lok en seine! ("Have a lot of luck and blessings.") Let's hope it'll be a good year! Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 29 des 2016, 11.40 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Happy New Year to you, your friends, family and loved ones. Drewes (oerlis) 29 des 2016, 17.40 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Robert BuronBewurkje

@Rei Momo: Hello there, Rei Momo. Nice to hear from you again. I am well and it is good to see that so are you. I translated the English parts in the article on Robert Buron. I also put his Finance ministership in the infobox. No problem. Have a nice day, Rei Momo! Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 29 okt 2019, 22.26 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Film ValzerBewurkje

@Rei Momo: Done. Hi, Rei Momo, I'm glad to hear you en your family are doing all right. Overhere in Friesland the first wave of the virus passed us by for the most part, but it looks like the second wave is going to hit us a lot harder. We're all worried for the future. My mother is 87, so it's scary, you know? But we'll just have to deal the situation as it turns out. Stay save, friend, and don't take unnecessary risks. Together we'll get through this. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 13 okt 2020, 23.51 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

@Rei Momo: Done again. Don't worry, Rei Momo, I will refrain from killing you, this time. I can't make promises for the future, though. ;-) Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 14 okt 2020, 21.59 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
@Rei Momo: Good to know, Rei Momo. Keep the good work up! Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 14 okt 2020, 23.54 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Just 3 words on my pageBewurkje

Done. I am fine, Rei Momo, thank you for asking. I got my booster shot yesterday. Here, restrictions because of corona are being relaxed, too. Bars and theatres are being reopened. Still can't go to night clubs, but I'm too old to care about that! I haven't been in a night club for more than 20 years. I don't mind so much about the mask wearing; it keeps your face warm in the cold. It's worse in summer. You have a nice week, too, Rei Momo. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 11 feb 2022, 23.24 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Osvaldo MolesBewurkje

@Rei Momo: Hello, Rei Momo. I'm fine, too, thank you for asking. I looked the new page over en changed some things, mostly having to do with style rather than actual mistakes. However, I don't know what you mean by "Hy moete de modernisten" ("He met the modernists"). Was he influenced by them? Did he actually get to know some of them? As it is, I find that to be a quite mysterious comment. Could you also clarify what you mean when you write his work was "ostracized" (according to the English Wikipedia)? In Frisian you use the word "útstoarn", which actually means "died out", "became extinct" in a literal way, which is obviously not what you intended. I changed it to "fierhinne ûnbekend bleaun is" ("remains largely unknown"), but I'm guessing here. Did you actually mean hy was actively boycotted? Because then I would have to change it again. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 26 nov 2022, 01.28 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Thanks, Rei Momo. I'll change the text of the article to reflect your answers. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 28 nov 2022, 00.55 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]


@Rei Momo: Hello, Rei Momo. I looked at the text. It was mostly O.K. except for a few wrong prepositions and one big mistake where the word "fall", in this case short for "waterfall", was translated as "hjerst", which means "autumn". I also added a small location infobox so I could show where the waterfall is in France. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 9 mai 2023, 12.41 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]