Paul Bruce Dickinson (Worksop Nottinghamshire, 7 augustus 1958) is in Ingelsk sjonger. Hy waard benammen bekind as sjonger fan de bands Iron Maiden (sûnt 1981), en Samson (19791981). Tusken 1993 en 1998 wie er aktyf as solo-artyst. Njonken it sjongen is Dickinson aktyf west as piloat yn de kommersjele loftfeart en as skermer.

Bruce Dickinson
sjonger en/of muzikant
Bruce Dickinson yn (2008)
Bruce Dickinson yn (2008)
persoanlike bysûnderheden
echte namme Paul Bruce Dickinson
nasjonaliteit Britsk
berne 7 augustus 1958
berteplak Worksop Nottinghamshire
etnisiteit Ingelsk
sjenre Metal
sjongtaal Ingelsk
jierren aktyf 1976–No

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Albums bewurkje seksje

Album Utbrocht op Band Single(s)
Survivors juny 1979 Samson
Head On 27 juny 1980
Shock Tactics 15 maaie 1981
The Number of the Beast 22 maart 1982 Iron Maiden Run to the Hills,
The Number of the Beast
Piece of Mind 16 maaie 1983 Flight of Icarus,
The Trooper
Powerslave 3 septimber 1984 2 Minutes to Midnight,
Aces High
Somewhere in Time 29 septimber 1986 Wasted Years,
Stranger in a Strange Land
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 11 april 1988 Can I Play with Madness,
The Evil That Men Do,
The Clairvoyant
Tattooed Millionaire 8 maaie 1990 Bruce Dickinson Tattooed Millionaire,
All the Young Dudes,
Dive! Dive! Dive!,
Born in '58
No Prayer for the Dying 1 oktober 1990 Iron Maiden Holy Smoke,
Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter
Fear of the Dark 11 maaie 1992 Be Quick or Be Dead,
From Here to Eternity,
Wasting Love
Balls to Picasso 3 juny 1994 Bruce Dickinson Tears of the Dragon,
Shoot All the Clowns
Skunkworks 19 febrewaris 1996 Back from the Edge,
Solar Confinement
Accident of Birth 12 maaie 1997 Accident of Birth,
Man of Sorrows
The Chemical Wedding 15 septimber 1998 Killing Floor
Brave New World 29 maaie 2000 Iron Maiden The Wicker Man,
Out of the Silent Planet
Dance of Death 8 septimber 2003 Wildest Dreams,
Tyranny of Souls 23 maaie 2005 Bruce Dickinson Abduction
A Matter of Life and Death 25 augustus 2006 Iron Maiden The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg,
Different World
The Final Frontier 13 augustus 2010 El Dorado
The Book of Souls 4 septimber 2015 Speed of Light,
Empire of the Clouds
Senjutsu 3 septimber 2021 The Writing on the Wall,

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