Marko Tapani Hietala (Tervo, 14 jannewaris 1966) is in Finsk bassist en sjonger. Hy is benammen bekend as de bassist fan Nightwish.

Marko Hietala
sjonger en/of muzikant
Marko Hietala (2013)
Marko Hietala (2013)
persoanlike bysûnderheden
echte namme Marko Tapani Hietala
nasjonaliteit Finsk
berne 14 jannewaris 1966
berteplak Tervo
sjenre Metal
ynstrumint Basgitaar
grutste hit(s) Bless The Child,
Ghost Love Score,
jierren aktyf 1984 - No

Karriêre bewurkje seksje

Yn de jierren tachtich begûn Hietala tegearre mei syn broer Zachary de metalband Purgatory. Yn 1986 waard de namme feroare yn Tarot. Yn 1988 kaam it album Follow me into Madness út. Yn 2001 waard Hietala frege om de nije bassist fan Nightwish te wurden. It earste nije album mei Hietala, Century Child, ferskynde yn maaie 2002. Yn 2021 waard bekent dat nei tweintich jier optreden mei Nightwish dat Marko yn jannewaris 2021 ôfskied naam hie fan de band. Yn 2022 gie Hietala fierder by de band Northern Kings.

Diskografy bewurkje seksje

Albums bewurkje seksje

Album Utbrocht op Band Single(s)
The Spell of Iron desimber 1986 Tarot Wings of Darkness,
Things That Crawl at Night
Follow Me into Madness april 1988 Rose on the Grave
To Live Forever 8 febrewaris 1993
Stigmata 13 april 1995 Angels of Pain,
As One
For the Glory of Nothing 6 febrewaris 1998 Warhead,
The Punishment
To Hell and Back 26 juny 2000 Sinergy
Suicide by My Side 14 jannewaris 2002
Century Child 24 maaie 2002 Nightwish Ever Dream,
Bless the Child
Suffer Our Pleasures 25 juny 2003 Tarot Undead Son
Once 7 juny 2004 Nightwish Nemo,
Wish I Had an Angel,
Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan,
The Siren
Dark Passion Play 26 septimber 2007 Amaranth,
Erämaan Viimeinen,
Bye Bye Beautiful,
The Islander
Gravity of Light 10 maart 2010 Tarot I Walk Forever
The Spell of Iron MMXI 6 april 2011
Imaginaerum 30 novimber 2011 Nightwish Storytime,
The Crow, the Owl and the Dove
Endless Forms Most Beautiful 27 maart 2015 Élan,
Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Human. :II: Nature. 10 april 2020 Noise,

As gastmuzikant bewurkje seksje

Single(s) Album Utbrocht yn Mei band
Mother Gaia,
Celestial Dream
Infinite 2000 Stratovarius
Heart's Desire,
Where the Rainbow Ends
Beyond Reality 2002 Dreamtale
Eye for an Eye,
Speed of Light
Secret Visions Virtuocity
Wings of Darkness (Tarot cover) Wither 2003 Evemaster
Human Sculpture Sinthetic 2004 Shade Empire
Älkää selvittäkö Kylmä tila Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus
Face Your Demons Remagine 2005 After Forever
No Compliance,
The Gathering,
Daylight Lucidity,
A Day for Ghosts
Lucidity 2006 Delain
Damned by the Past,
Searching for an Answer,
Decoder 2.0 Ebony Ark
The Cardinal Point Circus of Fools 2007 Machine Men
Control the Storm,
I'll Reach You
April Rain 2009 Delain
Last Breath of Love Fire-Hearted Elias Viljanen
The Harvest,
Drifting in the Dark
The Harvest 2011 Conquest
Vanity Silent Out Loud Grönholm
Praying Mantis
Parasites of Paradise 2013 A2Z
The Teacher's Discovery,
Love and Envy,
The Rival's Dilemma,
Quid pro Quo,
The Theory of Everything Ayreon
First to Go - Last to Know Vol. 1 Lazy Bonez
Your Body Is a Battleground,
Sing to Me
The Human Contradiction 2014 Delain
Master of the Pendulum Ghostlights 2016 Avantasia
Gods Speak The Golden Moth 2018 Dark Sarah
100 Bändikouluun! 2019 Hevisaurus
We All Are the Same Under Attack 2020 Misterer
Tuonela Leviathan 2021 Therion

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